The Coffee House Signature

The Coffee House Signature is the flagship store of The Coffee House, one of the most famous coffee chains in Vietnam.

The store is located near the center of the city which have many landmark sites such as The Turtle Lake, Notre Dame Cathedral, Independent Palace__…as well as many colleges and central parks.

Our client hope to introduce the local coffee beans of their organic farm in Cau Dat, Da Lat to a majority of customer.

To be more specific, our customer could experience the story about the source of the original coffee beans along with a wide range of brewing, by our barista everytime when they visit this place._

Therefore, our design is based on that orientation, we created a central coffee bar that our customers could launch their vision to the entire spaces from their seats.

Besides, we also have an area that people could use it as a co-working space with nice views of the garden through a large glass frame.